Sequoia Pacific BlueComposition: 45% viscose; 37% cotton, 18% linen
Width: 54” / 137 cm
Weight: 15.9 oz/yd2 / 539 gm m2
Certifications: Oeko-Tex
Durability: 90,000 Martindale, suitable for heavy-duty residential upholstery use.
Abrasion: 22,000 Martindale
Upholstery Rating: Heavy Duty
Cleaning: This fabric is washable, though the weight makes for an extremely long time in the dryer. Shrinkage is about 6% in length and 4% in width in either hot or cold water.

Giant sequoias (also called “coast redwoods”) are nature’s superlatives: the world’s largest single tree and largest living thing by volume (growing to an average height of 50-85M / 164-279FT) – and they’re among the oldest living things on Earth. Even the bark of the tree grows up to 3 feet thick! They have a truly distinctive appearance, and stands of these ancient trees are some of the most fascinating and mesmerizing environments on earth. We didn’t have to look far for a name for this fabric given all its superlatives! Sequoia (the fabric) is superlative too: it’s one of our most durable fabrics (with a rating of 90,000 Martindale) and will perform well in even the most demanding home environments.