Organic Latex

10. The (only) difference between organic and conventional latex is the way how the latex has been produced and processed. For instance the use of fertilizers and pesticides is restricted in organic production.

  • Unlike conventional LATEX, this LATEX is grown without using any chemical fertilizers and by just adding manure to feed plants.
  • Conventional farmers use pesticides to kill the pests and insecticides in their farms, as well as where as in organic farming the insects or pests are killed by simple methods of trapping.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), LATEX that is labeled “organic” is produced without the use of conventional pesticides.
  • A USDA Organic seal is granted to latex that contains at least 99.97% organic ingredients.
  • The dread of consuming pesticides in conventional latex is the main reason behind the popularity of purchasing organic LATEX.
  • Exposure to pesticides is feared to be associated with respiratory and nervous system problems, cancer, birth defects and other health issues. Children are especially susceptible to the adverse affects of consuming large quantities of pesticides.


In conventional Latex:

  • There are about 600 different pesticides registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency which are allowed to be used in conventional farming.