EKLA HOME Top-10 Products for 2015


BuildingGreen, publisher of EBN, has announced the winners of its annual Top-10 Green Building Products awards. The 13th annual awards recognize green building products that make fundamental transformations to “business as usual” in the design and construction industry.

This year’s picks include products that have eliminated halogenated flame retardants, a longstanding health and environmental issue, along with a highly effective air- and weather-barrier system, chairs made from a new biobased plastic, and high-efficiency chillers using near-frictionless compressor rotors.

Organic Furnishings from Ekla Home

Foam cushions are another building product in which halogenated flame retardants are ubiquitous. Ekla Home offers organic sofas and chairs with cushions made from natural latex, which requires no chemical flame retardants. Despite the “Home” in the company’s name, it has contracts with large corporate clients such as Google and Starbucks in addition to its residential offerings. The company’s environmental focus goes beyond eliminating halogenated flame retardants: Ekla manufactures its furnishings with certified organic fabrics, wood certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, and Greenguard Gold-certified adhesives.

You can read the full article here.

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