About Us


Girl 2.tifEmily Kroll has successfully designed, manufactured, and distributed custom furniture since 1992. She has created custom and contract furniture for notable interior designers, celebrities and large corporations.

She is passionate about changing the way the furniture business works in the United States where production is notoriously wasteful, and many toxic chemicals are used. Determined to make the process of producing furniture safe for her craftsmen and clients, Emily launched EKLA HOME in 2007.

The granddaughter of a furniture designer on one side, and an architectural and scrap metal recycler on the other, EKLA HOME’s approach is rooted in Emily’s DNA. A lifelong Southern California resident, Emily is at the nexus of a close beachside community that holds environmentalism as a way of life and a business model.

Emily has aligned with Donna Halloran to help her develop the collections and source ingredients and fabrics. Donna most recently worked for five years with the pioneers in non-toxic upholstered furniture, Furnature, Inc., and has 25 years of experience in textile product development, having worked for companies such as William Carter Co. (baby clothing), Baby Dior, TJX Corp, Ametex Fabrics and Robert Allen Fabrics.


We are driven to produce the highest quality non-toxic upholstered eco furniture for the benefit of our customers, ourselves and our workers. Along with producing such furniture, it is our self-imposed obligation to share knowledge about toxins, sustainability and healthy living. It is also our self-imposed responsibility to share the fruits of our labor with our employees, business partners, customers and community.

EKLA HOME is a company that embraces input, learning and teaching. The company is defined by the spirit, passion, integrity and intention of its contributing members. We are all interconnected and use the synergy of relationships to make us stronger.

Our upholstered furniture pieces aren’t just pieces of furniture. As heirloom quality, each piece has a story of real people, craftsmen, whose energy and pride move forward with the pieces of eco furniture as they leave our facility. EKLA HOME celebrates the power of people and knowledge as the key components to a healthful work life and a successful company. Oh, and sprinkle these with lots of laughs and fun along the way.

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